★ April Deacon ★ Works on found surfaces

I’ve just been scouring Pinterest for some new art to write about, and I’ve struck gold – in the form of an artist called April Deacon. Her work is stupendous, splendiferous, and stupefyingly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

I’m mad fer a bit of colour, me, and she does it so, so well.


April Deacon - Can You Feel It

#Can You Feel It... Can You Feel It... Can You FEEEEL It#

“I collect discarded memories, then reinvent them.

Photographs came first, being the most obvious purveyors of human memory.  These representatives of forgotten memories are quite common in antique stores.  I have boxes of them now and sorting through them I am flooded with emotions. 
I am particularly sensitive to the portraits.  Antique photographs reflect the mortality of people and things.  They capture the inevitability and reliability of deterioration that I respect, but that results in an unnatural desire to resurrect them… 
The sadness in the realization that these people have been forgotten on some level and the symbols of their memories discarded to be found by me, a stranger, proves overwhelming.” 
– April Deacon
April’s playful amalgamation of technicolour and old photographs of people, the majority of whom are all probably long dead and gone now, is quite… Haunting? Disturbing? Neither of these.. Not entirely, anyway. (Perhaps I should learn to be more articulate.)
April Deacon - Love Always Doc

Love Always Doc

I find them very playful – a nice homage to their lives and the images of them that remain.


I’d love it if April coloured my face in, anyway.


Another thing I love is that April has given excellent titles to some – but not all – of her works e.g. Can You Feel It – a reference to a song by The Jacksons? … YEAH! I can feel it. They only serve to enhance (for me) the incredibly vivacious aesthetic produced by the bright, bold gouache-colour effect.

And April’s stylistic talent isn’t limited to these gouache-on-found-photographs, either – her paintings are pretty marvellous works of colour, too, so I think might just have to revisit her work in another post very soon…

April Deacon - Jerry Melvin Rodgers Age 11

Jerry Melvin Rodgers Age 11















★ Fi

UPDATE (02/07/2012)

Hurrah! Very excited to tell you that April has kindly agreed to doing an interview for fidunphy.com, so keep yer peepers peeled for some great insight into her approach, techniques and practice..!

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