★ Liaung-Chung Yen ★

Liaung-Chung Yen: Changeability, Brooch in sterling silver and plastic. Interchangeable top and base sold separately.

Brooch in sterling silver and plastic.

Taiwanese designer Liaung Chung Yen incorporates a wide variety of materials in his work:

“I think of my jewelry as fragments, carrying stories by using metaphor in my design, expressing the desire, wit or sensuality. I also see it as small sculptures, documenting the time and the emotion in which I live. Each piece, in a technical way, is an exploration of line and pattern; creating structure, form and motion. It also presents the imagination of the mind as well as the story and history of the making process.” 

The pieces above belong to the collection Changeability, which has been fashioned ​​from recycled plastic bottles and other recyclable materials.
In his collection Space and Place, the line serves to fill the space of geometric figures. Liaung Chung Yen explores the invisible barriers we create between ourselves and others by neatly placing others in boxes based on who, subconsciously, we believe they are.
It’s a nice idea to explore because we can all relate to it, and these pieces reflect the sentiment very effectively and delicately:

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