★ Thea Clark ★ Cyanoptope city

Fluidity + Form – Materials used in each piece, in order of appearance:

PVC, steel, plexiglass, cyanotype on silk, cotton floss, tinted plastic / Wood, copper, silver, 22k, cyanotype on silk, tinted plastic / PVC, steel, plexiglass, cyanotype on silk, cotton floss, tinted plastic / Wood, copper, silver, 22k, cyanotype on silk, tinted plastic / Wood, paper, silver, cyanotype on silk, vintage glass beads, rubber, tinted plastic / Wood, paper, silver, cyanotype on silk, vintage glass beads, rubber, tinted plastic.

These pieces of contemporary jewellery design are particularly striking, I love them! The soft colour and form of the pink plastic complements the dark blue silk extraordinarily – the hues of both colours are unusual, not least when placed side by side.

“My current work examines how we experience the changing self. Objects are transformed into images on silk through the cyanotype process, rendered in the classic blue of this technique.

“Chosen for their emotional resonance, pearls, chains, nests, and circles signify protection, domesticity, nurturance. The images are combined with mixed media, including a layer of pink plastic that unifies the structural strata.

“This pink and blue play on deep seated associations, anima, animus, yin and yang, which are the undercurrents of the fluidity and form we call the self.”

Be sure to visit Thea Clark’s blog and website.

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